The third season of Cold Casean American television seriesbegan airing on September 25,and concluded on May 21, From episode 8 onwards, Tracie Thoms joins the main cast as Det. Kat Miller. The team reopens the murder of Jimmy Tate, an year-old high school student and young father who was killed in a hit-and-run accident on graduation night, after his daughter is contacted by a man claiming to be her biological father.

The team reopens the murder of Laurie Dunne, an year-old college student who died of suffocation in a fraternity house fire after her widowed father presents evidence suggesting her death was not accidental. The team discovers that the young woman was targeted by fraternity members due to her weight. The team reopens the murder of Angus Bistrong, a year-old college student who was stabbed to death and his body left in front of a movie theater after his mother finds a letter suggesting that his death wasn't random.

The team discovers that many of his friends blamed him for a car accident that left their other friend wheelchair-bound. When it is discovered that a recently deceased elderly woman had been using someone else's identity for decades, the team reopens the death of Bettie Petrowski, a housewife who was committed to a mental institution after nearly burning her son in a house fire.

When her son identifies her body among other Jane Doe cases, the team discovers she was lobotomized before being left for dead in a snowstorm. After Maeve Bubley, a mother of five boys loses her fourth son to gang violence, the team reopens the murder of her first son, Vaughn, one of Rush's first cases as a homicide detective, along with the murders of her three other sons: Cedric inQuincy inand the most recent, Luther in The team is determined to track down the killer of the mother's first four sons in order to save her last remaining one, Patrick.

The team reinvestigates the death of Amy Lind, a young, healthy woman who seemingly died of a heart attack, after a death threat addressed to her is found on the hard drive of an old computer. The team discovers that the victim was briefly a millionaire during the dot-com boombut her company went under due to her partner's indulgent behavior and an investor's unscrupulous practices.

The team reopens the murder of Carl Burton, a year-old veteran of the Vietnam War who was shot to death a year after he came home from the notorious Hanoi Hiltonafter a box filled with POW support bracelets is found in an abandoned drug den. The team soon learns dark secrets about his return and discovers that his murder may have been an act of revenge. The team reopens the disappearance of Vivian Mulvaney, a 4-year-old girl after her remains wash up on a New Jersey shore.

The team discovers that she came from an abusive household, and their investigation uncovers the domestic violence that took place in her home. The team re-opens the murder of Frank DiCenzio, a year-old widowed deli owner, when the brother of the man convicted of the murder brings forth new evidence suggesting that his brother may be innocent.

The team discovers that the victim had a rocky personal life following the death of his wife. The team reopens the murder of Clem Garris after receiving an anonymous tip related to his murder. The top suspects include three of the victim's old friends who had parted ways after graduating from high school eight years before his death.

The team reopens the death of Trevor Dawson, a year-old boy who was an outcast in school who fell to his death from the roof of his school after serving detention on the same day. The death was originally ruled a suicide, but a newly-found piece of his suicide note indicates that he may have been fearing for his life prior to this death. The team reopens the death of Emma Vine, an year-old girl who died the night of her debutante ball.

The death was originally ruled accidental, but the victim's mother comes forward with new evidence after the wife of the man who had escorted the victim to the ball dies in an identical fashion. The team reopens the murder of Roween Ryan, a year-old bank teller who was killed during a robbery, after the same bank is robbed again by perpetrators wearing identical masks and equipped with identical weapons.

The team soon discovers that the victim might have been dating one of the suspects prior to the robbery and that she was possibly involved herself. After a notorious drug dealer is arrested, the team reopens the murder of Ana Castilla, a Hispanic woman found stabbed in an alleyway, who had worked for the dealer as a drug mule. The case soon takes a personal turn when the team learns Scotty had a close relationship with Ana prior to her death. The team reinvestigates the murder of Steve Jablonski, a year-old boy who was buried alive on the night of his promafter the killer turns himself in and claims to have struck again.

The team races against time to discover the man's MO in order to locate the latest victim before it is too late. The team reinvestigates the murder of Andi Simmons, a college tennis star who was strangled to death hours after winning a "Battle of the Sexes" match, after the victim's sister presents evidence suggesting that someone had been trying to poison her prior to the match. The investigation uncovers her life wasn't picture perfect with several people harboring resentment towards her, including her own father.

The team reopens the murder of Dennis Hofferman, an outcast taxi driver who had just been cast for his first role in a musical, after a gun is found amongst prop furniture at a local community theater.

The team reopens the murder of Violet Polley, a year-old woman who was found dead in a ravine on Christmas Day, when the victim's great-granddaughter asks the team to finally solve the case in order to clear away the dark cloud hovering over her family.

The team reopens the rape and murder of Kate Lange, a year-old girl after the man who is about to be executed for the murder tells Det.After unsuccessful attempts to conclusively prove that theory, the film veers off to investigate the mysterious mercenary organization SAIMRmanaging to contact two new witnesses that claim to have been involved with the organization.

Parts of the movie are meta-cinematicreflecting upon theatrical methods used role playing, dressing up and employment of two African secretaries and the true motivations of the filmmaker. They develop and investigate the theory that a small jet aircraft opened fire on the Albertina near Ndola and brought it down, possibly after an attempt to detonate a bomb after take-off had failed in Lubumbashi.

Maxwell is rumored to have operated a number of medical clinics in the townships of South Africa, even though he was not a medical doctor.

The final part of the film brings forward two new witnesses, claimed to be former SAIMR members or close relatives. They claim SAIMR served the interests of white supremacy in Africa, and that it ran operations to administer the HIV virus to black people in South Africa, Mozambique, and other countries through the fake clinics, with the goal of depleting the black population to a point where whites were in the majority. It then opened in US movie theaters on 16 August From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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cold case wiki

Denmark Norway Sweden Belgium.The seventh and final season of Cold Casean American television seriesbegan airing on September 27, and concluded on May 2, This is the series's last season. On May 18, more than 2 weeks after the series finale aired, CBS announced that the show would not be renewed for an eighth season due to low ratings. This season had an average of 9.

After Lilly's car accident, she returns and investigates the disappearance of Darcy Curtis, a twenty-four-year-old woman aboard a magnificent ocean liner in Long assumed to be a suicide, the case is re-investigated as a homicide when her bones are recovered. Meanwhile, Moe's judgment surprises everyone. The team re-examines the murder of homeless seventeen-year-old amateur skateboarding prodigy Nash Simpson who was trying to earn enough money through skating sponsors to get himself off the street after his brother identifies his belongings upon arriving in Philadelphia.

The case of Alex Caceres, a seventeen-year-old boy who was murdered while wrongfully imprisoned in a juvenile detention center is reopened after new evidence suggests that he was innocent, and Scotty is determined to bring justice to the victim, having been attempting to free him prior to his death.

The team reinvestigates the murder of Billy Sanders, a twenty-year-old virtuoso jazz musician who was keeping his hard-partying lifestyle secret from his devoutly religious father when his son arrives wanting to know more about him, having been unborn prior to his death. The team reopens the disappearance and murder of Vivian Lynn, a twenty-two-year-old female pilot who was part of a civilian program to aid the Army Air Forces during World War II and was a professional fighter pilot.

The team discovers that the plane she was flying in was sabotaged and must comb through the personnel at the base she worked at to find the culprit. When the remains of Sonny Sandoval, a forty-five-year-old jockey who had been missing since are uncovered in an old horse grave, the team reexamines the circumstances of his disappearance.

They soon discover that he was to not only was he retiring after his last race, but also discover his personal life was going off the rails. The team reinvestigates the murder of Donalyn Sullivan, a fourteen-year-old aspiring rapper who was in foster care with her younger sister at the time of her death when a convict discloses information that leads them to the primary crime scene.

When the team stumbles upon her songbook, they discover that the lyrics could be the key to catching her killer. When a Chinese woman discloses information about her son's death, the team reopens the murder of Jack Chao Lu, a seventeen year old Chinese-American boy whose death may have been connected to the killing of his girlfriend, seventeen year old Tam Sung, a Vietnamese girl by Chinese gang members three months before his own death which Stillman worked on.

However, they are hindered by the prejudiced community and a retired officer who appears to know more than he's letting on. The team investigates the murder of Luke Cronin, an eighteen year old member of a prep school debate team who supposedly committed suicide after losing his first debate when new evidence points to his death being staged.

The team reopens the murder of Tommy Flanagan, an eighteen year old ice hockey player who was murdered on his team's ice rink on the same night the U. The only clue the team has on them is a broken hockey stick, so the team must go through the victim's former teammates to get the culprit.

The team investigates the murder of Mike Donley, a twenty eight year old Army recruiter who was killed two days before his deployment to Iraq and uncover evidence that the victim may have been involved in a pawnshop burglary that occurred the same night he was killed.History Cold Case is a British documentary television series in which scientists use modern forensic techniques to investigate ancient remains.

The television series is recommended for age 17 and above due to graphic images and maturity. They use forensic science, including radiocarbon datingDNA and isotope analysis, to find out about the life and death of each set of remains, which range in date from the Bronze Age to the Victorian era.

Scotty Valens

In some cases, they search through historic records to try to locate a name. In each episode, the team travels to a different location in Great Britain and set up a mobile lab to do their work.

At the conclusion, they present their findings, including facial reconstruction, to the local community. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Daily Record. Retrieved 25 July East Anglian Daily Times.

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The team investigate the remains of a 13th-century African man found in a grave in Ipswich. A 19th-century mummified child, used as an anatomical model, is examined. The team search for the identity of a 14th-century man given a knight's burial at Stirling Castle. The team seek to put a name and face to a 19th-century female found in a pauper's grave in Cross BonesLondon.

The team investigate 2,year-old remains found in the Ryedale Windypits. The skeletons of men are found in a mass grave in found outside the walls of York. The team search for ties to the Siege of Yorkand investigate two skeletons that both show rare genetic abnormalities.

The team investigate the remains of 17 people, including 11 children, pulled from a well in Norwich. DNA analysis shows they may all be from a single family that suffered a horrific fate. The team investigate the puzzling case of a woman from the time of the Roman occupation of Britain, oddly buried with three babies, unearthed in Baldock in The series revolves around the Philadelphia Police Department's Homicide squad.

The detectives reopen the case after new evidence comes up, this might be the victim's body is found, the murder weapon is found, an accused person turned up to be innocent, etc. The detectives would interview witnesses and suspects related with the crime and piece together the story of what led the victims to their death.

Maybe they don't have a lot of money, they don't have lawyers but they matter. They should get justice, too. It was screenwritten by Takahisa Zeze and Yoshida Yasuhiro.

The Dyatlov Pass Case

The series follows Yuri Ishikawa Yo Yoshida and her team as they try to crack unsolved cold cases. Read More. Lilly and the squad take on their oldest case yet, when they're asked to look into the case of a young woman who was killed in her parents' home in They discover she'd become involved in the suffragettes' movement, campaigning for votes for women, which put her at odds with the rest of her family.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. About Cold Case Wiki. Lilly Rush. Will Jeffries. Scotty Valens. Kat Miller.

John Stillman. Nick Vera. Season 1. Season 2. Season 3. Season 4. Season 5. Season 6. Season 7. Categories :. Cancel Save.Season five comprised the fewest episodes, with 18, as it aired during the Writers Guild of America strike.

The last season, season seven, which finished its run in Maybegan airing on September and consisted of 22 episodes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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June 30, Retrieved January 13, Your Entertainment Now. December 29, Retrieved April 19, January 7, January 13, February 2, February 23, March 10, Scotty was the son of Ramiro and Rosa Valensborn in the 's.

cold case wiki

Scotty grew up looking up to his older brother, Mike Valenswho he shared a bunkbed with and who looked out for him. As a child, Scotty witnessed Mike being sexually assaulted by their boxing coach and kept this secret for years, even after Coach Fitzpatrick was indicted for molesting other young boys.

After being persuaded by ADA Alexandra ThomasScotty approaches his brother about the case, only to have Mike vehemently deny any knowledge of it. Scotty accepts this until weeks later, when Mike has a nervous breakdown, soon followed by the suicide death of one of their childhood friends and the only witness in the molestation case.

Faced with no other choice, Scotty admits what he witnessed and Mike is persuaded to testify, with Scotty by his side. He apparently had relative who died of AIDS. That year, Scotty infiltrated the operation of a major drug dealer named Cortez. Using the name Alvaro, Scotty's job was to ferry Cortez's drug mules from the airport to a motel, where Cortez's lieutenant Ramiro would have the women regurgitate the condoms of heroin they had ingested.

cold case wiki

Scotty would eventually become fond of one of these women, Ana Castillawho deduced that Scotty was not who he said. Feeling somewhat relieved, he gave her his undercover number at the precinct to call if she was ever in trouble.

Scotty would never hear from Ana again, however, and she would be found murdered in an alley soon after. Scotty was once engaged to his childhood sweetheart, Elisabut the engagement was truncated by her frequent hospitalizations for schizophrenia. They remained in a relationship of sorts, living together at times, but her frequent relapses wore on Scotty.

By lateElisa was once again hospitalized and her condition seemed to be getting better. Unexpectedly, in January ofher body was found floating in the Schuylkill River by officers from Scotty's old precinct, including Anna Mayes. Upon being informed of this by Lieutenant John StillmanScotty was stunned, and insisted she must have been murdered, as her apparent 'suicide note' recited only the happy times in their relationship.

Scotty has held onto this belief ever since, insisting on keeping a box on Elisa with the other cold cases, despite everyone else's belief that her apparent suicide was just that. Once, on a tip from Anna, Scotty questioned a possible suspect in Elisa's case, but to his disappointment, it turned into a dead end. Shortly after Elisa's death, a still-grieving Scotty found comfort with Lilly's sister, Christina Rush. What started as a one night stand grew into a relationship of sorts, with Christina helping draw Scotty out of his grief.

Their relationship quickly turned into co-habitation after Christina was kicked out by Lilly, though their relationship came to a quick end after Christina was fingered for credit card fraud by NYPD Detective Mark Phillips. Phillips picked up on Scotty's lingering grief over Elisa, suggesting that he must be going through some rough times to not see Christina for what she was despite being a cop.

As it turned out, Phillips's instincts were correct; despite Scotty's insistence that Christina was innocent of any wrongdoing, he returned home to find a note from her indicating that she had gone on the run to avoid the warrant out for her arrest. A brief flirtation with Detective Josie Sutton after she transferred to homicide in September of didn't lead to anything, as she took a leave of absence and apparently transferred out shortly thereafter.

Both were very upfront and confrontational, which led to them clashing heads over more than one case, including that of Clayton Hathawaywho had been molested and killed by a nincomphiles, and who's wrongly convicted father was taking revenge by throwing nincomphiles. Scotty, having witnessed his older brother's molestation years earlier, felt little sympathy to convicted nincomphiles, whereas ADA Thomas, whose office was in danger of backlash for the murders of these nincomphiles who they had convicted, advocated doing everything possible to ensure their safety, including removal of access to the Megan's Law website where Hathaway was procuring their names and addresses.

After Scotty unknowingly tipped off the homicidal vigilante Mitch Hathaway the identity of his son's murderer in a moment of anger and carelessness, the suspect was also nearly thrown off a roof by Hathaway.

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