We have already written on how to write a support letter for parole boardbut we also do understand that it just may not be enough to have a good idea on writing the best letter you possibly can for your loved one. The examples are meant to give you an idea of what to say in a sample letter of support for inmate and help you get started on writing your own letter for an inmate to the parole board for your loved one.

We wish you the best of luck. When my boy was born, I turned into a very proud mother, and I still am.

how to write a letter on behalf of an inmate

My son has the biggest heart. I feel my boy has done his time and I feel he needs to be home with me. My health condition is really slowing me down, making it difficult to travel to go see my son but I will continue to make the trips no matter if it does slow me down.

I want to know if my boy has any chance of early release. If my son does come home, I have 2 friends that are willing to hire him, in their place of business. They are willing to give him employment, so all he needs is a chance in life. Now he might even be a father. I would love my son to have a chance to be able to know his grandbaby. The background of this parole support letter is for a brother. He is sensitive, kind, honest and caring.

True that my brother used and sold drugs, he was always a peaceful man and never engaged in other illegal activities such as theft to support his habit.

Through the drug treatment program offered through the prison system, as well as counseling during visits by our family pastor, has examined why he turned to drugs and is committed to staying clean when he is released.

how to write a letter on behalf of an inmate

The background of this letter is that the inmate is innocent according to the letter and was already denied parole before. She is still in prison years after her minimum sentence despite having no major disciplinary problem in the last three decades.

The document provided to Ms. Sims for her last parole denial in June is lists the reasons for the denial as:. I am concerned that Ms. Sims maintaining her innocence is seen as an attempt to minimize or deny the nature and circumstances of the offense seven while there is evidence that corroborates that the shot was fired from a location where it is well known she was nowhere near.

In regards to the negative recommendation made by the prosecuting attorney, I believe this is outweighed by the fact that the officials at SCI Cambridge Springs, where Ms. Sims is held, have recommended her for parole.

4 Samples To Spark Your Parole Support Letter

These are the prison guards and personnel that she has contact with on a day-to-day basis as opposed to the prosecuting attorney who had no contact with her at all in decades. Debbie Sims has now spent most of her life in prison, and the recidivism rate for people released at her age is very low. Please grant parole and allow her to be a part of, and contribute to, society as a free citizen, a loving mother, and grandmother. The background of this letter is that a retired MDOC employee is vouchering for the person incarcerated and is talking about the accomplishments the inmate has done while incarcerated.When an inmate is up for parole or if you are the one seeking to be paroled from jail, it is useful to write a letter to the parole board offering information that will help board members make an informed decision.

Your letter should include details about the sentence and the inmate's plans after parole so the parole review board clearly understands that, upon release, the former inmate will be a productive member of society. A well-written letter containing specific reasons why the inmate should be paroled, as well as details about past, present and future actions can increase the chance of release.

If you are writing a letter on your own behalf, begin with a heading that includes the date, your full name, the official name of the jail where you are serving your sentence, and the number assigned to you by the Department of Corrections.

When you write a letter on behalf of a loved one, the heading should include the date, your name, address, phone number and email address. Skip down two lines and insert your subject line. If you are the inmate, your subject line should include your name, DOC number, and hearing date.

How to Write a Letter to the Judge Before a Loved One's Sentencing

When you are writing for someone else, use the same information in the subject line, but include the inmate's name directly above his DOC number.

You are writing a formal letter to appointed parole board members, therefore, a respectful way to begin the letter is, "Dear Honorable Members of the Parole Board. Ensure that each member receives their own copy of the letter. One of the first questions the parole board members will have is where you or, the inmate, if you are writing on another's behalf are going to live. It is unacceptable to explain that you will just find a place to live after release.

You must indicate specifically where and with whom the inmate will live once released. Also, explain whether he will depend on public transportation or if there is a car available. List the agencies the inmate will register with to make himself available for work. Inmates who acquired special skills while in jail may be able to put those to use post-release.

If there is a job waiting for the inmate upon release, give details about the job, how the inmate obtained it, and the pay. If you are the inmate, it might be especially impressive if you include a budget for when you start earning money.

Almost immediately upon release, you will meet with a parole officer, who will tell you to get a driver's license, or state ID.

Writing a Character Reference for Court

In addition, if your voting rights are restored, you will need to register to vote. Also, there are public assistance programs available to inmates who do not yet have a job, such as food stamps and assistance with public transportation. Show that you're a step ahead, if you want to strengthen your parole letter. Instead of waiting for your parole officer to direct you, explain in your parole letter how soon you intend to get your driver's license, ID and voter registration card, and what type of public assistance you will seek.

This section of your parole letter might be the toughest thing you ever have to write, whether it is for yourself or someone you believe deserves to be paroled from jail. Give a synopsis of the inmate's history, such as the circumstances that led to the crime. Avoid diverting blame for the crime — accept responsibility and show the rehabilitative efforts you made while incarcerated.

If you are writing on an inmate's behalf, you probably have knowledge of the inmate's character and history. Include a short description in the letter, but do not try to portray the inmate as an innocent angel.

Spend less than a paragraph describing the past. If you have completed a GED while incarcerated, include that in your letter, plus any other accomplishments. Likewise, if you participate in support groups within the jail, describe your role and the learnings from that role.

On the other hand, if your incarceration record is blemished and you got in trouble for misconduct, treat that like your past. Explain why without diverting blame and describe the lessons you learned.Regional Break Time. Sample Letters for Parole Board. We would all like to see Chris out of prison and joining us as a family.

Because of the lack of support Chris had when he was released the last time he got himself into trouble. He looks back now and sees where he went wrong and why it happened. At his revocation hearing they told him that he needed to " Top" out his prior charge and he was devastated.

Even after being denied over and over never gave up on finding a Therapeutic Community Program. After going to ICC and talking to the Program Manager she saw something in Chris that told her he was worth taking the chance and she let him take the Life Line Program. He will be graduating the program in July and they want him to stay on as a Intern for the program.

Chris has worked very hard to become a better person and productive member of society. As you can see by all the certificates he has worked very hard in the last year. He has also signed up to take a parenting class and we have plans to take a relationship class to strengthen the bond we have when he is out. He takes the role of being the best husband and father he can be very seriously. Because of the changes that I have seen in him we do have plans to be married soon.

I am asking you to reconsider the last decision and grant him a new hearing. I know that Chris will be a very productive member of this family and society. Sponsored Links. Re: Dear In JulyMr. After doing a file review in Septemberhe was given hearing date of In the time Christopher has been back in prison, he has made many changes in his attitude and willingness to do what he can to get out of prison and stay out. He has gotten over 30 certificates since his re-incarceration, some of which are: See next page for list.

To me, this is showing that he is working very hard and is staying DOR free.Writing a letter to the Parole Board is one great help you can do for your friend or loved one who is imprisoned.

You might be thinking of how to help him in other ways but you may not have any idea of how to get this done in a proper way. The following guidelines and the sample letter to the board of parole and pardons will help you with the guidelines of how to write a letter on behalf of your loved one who is eligible for parole. Be aware that these kinds of letters help the Parole board to reconsider the current understanding they have on the inmate so the Board would prioritize the Parole hearing of the convict even if the Parole offer is rejected Please understand that different states have different guidelines about what the Parole Board looks for in a support letter.

Best way to know this is to contact the penitentiary where your friend or loved one is an inmate and ask them for guidelines they can offer. Looking for the website of the penitentiary can have your time finding this information. Another important fact is that this letter is not an attempt to offer legal advice. If you are seeking legal advice regarding parole, a prisoner's rights, or any other legal issues regarding imprisonment, seek advice from a lawyer.

As with any other professional letter, your support letter should be on a letterhead you can easily create a professional-looking letterhead using Google Docs or Open-Office or any similar application. The letterhead should have all your contact information including your name, address, phone number s and email address if applicable. Date should be the next item in your support letter, which has to be on the top left corner of your letterhead. After that add the regarding information of the inmate as an address block.

Next, add the address of the Parole Board to whom you are sending this letter to. If you know a member of a Parole Board, you may address him or her, otherwise start your support letter with "Dear Honorable Members of the Parole Board" followed by a colon :. An attempt to get one of the board members through the Prison officials can help you to get to know a member.

First paragraph in your support letter have to include your name, age, occupation if you have been employed in the same field for some time, note that in your first paragraph and relationship with the inmate. In the second paragraph of the letter, you should describe about why do you believe that inmate deserves a parole. Then add a description about their positive attitude and feelings of responsibility and deep regret.

You also can add the experience you had when you visited him at the Prison and seeing the inmate in upbeat mood so that would make inmates chances of making the time he spend after the prison better.

You will end the support letter by mentioning how you are going to support the inmate after the Parole is granted. It can be financial such as place to live, lending a vehicle or granting a job. You also can add how you are going to support the inmate emotionally, such as adjusting the relationship you have with the inmate or advice or words of encouragement or any other.

After completing and placing your signature on the support letter, make 3 copies of it. You will send the original letter to the Parole board that oversees the prison where your loved one is committed. Send one copy to the inmate, and keep one to use in a Parole Packet. Here is a sample parole board support letter. Again, this is only an example and does not qualify as legal advice. I am the mother of Mark H. Inmate DOC After being imprisoned, Mark has managed to maintain a very good discipline.

He seems and sounds very positive about his future after leaving the prison and always worries about the actions that brought him into imprisonment. He also has excelled in all the training activities he is doing within the prison. Unlike the times he goes through before the imprisonment, now he has become a totally different person. He maintains a very good concentration, improved memory and different and much sensible style of communication. I strongly feel that he can be stable at the current state he is in and when the time passes on parole we will be able to improve the state he is in even more.

I am more than willing to provide Mark with every means of support, motivation and love.Didn't find the answer you were looking for? Ask a Question. Thomas Rooney answered. Writing a letter to a judge can be one of the most important things you do for a person who awaits trial or is an inmate.

You have to try and ensure to show the person in the best possible light, so they are seen as a good person who cares and the reason for this letter is merely an uncharacteristic blip. The letter itself should be a formal letter. Use a typical letter style and address the judge formally as a judge. Always make sure that his name and address are spelt correctly as if not this can cause issues before you get into the content of the letter.

Letters should be no more than two to three pages in length and no shorter than one. The letter itself should be sure to speak of the person in the best light. If they have children ensure to talk about how good they are with them, how dedicated they are and the effect a jail sentence may have on the children.

Also make sure to reference any people held in a high esteem in society like nurses, doctors or policemen who know the person and could be used as a character reference.

All this will make sure the judge knows whatever happened was uncharacteristic and may sway them to give a less lengthy sentence or no prison time at all. This will be the largest part of the effective part of the letter. Anonymous answered.

This inmate have been found guilty of gun position and will be deported, however he is a good young man got involved in wrong company. He has no one to go back to because parents are uS citizens. Answer Question.For incarcerated individuals, being granted parole can be a huge step in the right direction in terms of moving past their previous mistakes, and in terms of getting their life back on track.

While parolees are still technically in the custody of the court, and they will still face a number of restrictions regarding their day-to-day life, being on parole will allow them to begin a brand new productive and law-abiding life outside the confines of prison walls.

First paragraph of your parole letter should be to the point. Introducing yourself, Second paragraph share details on how you know them. Last paragraph, piggyback the previous one explaining why you believe your claims to be true. While the parole board will consider a number of factors in addition to your testimony, a powerful and professional letter of support can be one of the deciding factors as to whether or not your loved one is granted parole.

That is, as long as the inmate has exhibited a variety of other positive traits throughout their sentence, as well. Of course, there are a number of reasons why a letter of support can be so persuasive in the first place. First of all, writing a parole support letter allows you to describe your incarcerated loved one to the parole board not as an inmate or a criminal, but as a person. You can also use this letter to the parole board to explain that you and others within your close-knit circle are prepared to act as a network of support for your loved one.

Getting a bit more specific, parole support letters typically come from the following individuals:. Parole support letters need to be properly formatted in order for the parole board to take them seriously.

First and foremost, your letter of support needs to be typed on a plain white piece of paper. At the top right-hand side, include the date on which you are writing the letter. The greeting of your parole support letter should read exactly as follows without quotation marks :. Be sure to use correct capitalization here, as well as a colon, rather than a comma, at the end of the greeting.

Also, be sure that your greeting is aligned on the left-hand side of the page. Throughout the body of your letter, be sure to separate your paragraphs by a single line. Both of these lines should be aligned to the right — hand side of the page. Before you place it in an envelope to be sent out, proofread it slowly to ensure this correctness; it might also be a good idea to have a friend or family member check over it once or twice as well, just in case.

Also, be sure to include information regarding the date of the parole hearing, as well. My name is Jonathan Michael Smith. Within this paragraph, you should be as specific as possible with the information you provide. For example, if you worked together, explain exactly what position each of you held, what company you had worked for, and the span of time you worked together. If you went to school together, state the name of the school, as well as the grades in which you attended together.

Also, try to provide information that explains the closeness of your relationship to the inmate as best as possible. For example, you might mention that you worked side-by-side with them for two full years, or that you shared carpool responsibilities with them over a certain period of time. The final paragraph of your letter will piggyback off the previous one, explaining specifically why you believe your claims to be true. Regarding your belief that the inmate has a low chance of reoffending or breaking the terms of their parole, there are a number of things you might choose to talk about, including:.

We also have few example letters that were written for parole boards to give you a better idea on how it can be written. Pigeonly enables you to keep in touch with incarcerated individuals in a number of different ways.

Check out our Services page to communicate with your inmate free. Hi Jaymes. Miss you terribly. Ready to see you again. Consider this note a big hug from all of us. All good in our world.Use this inmate's complete address on both the envelope and letter.

If the letter should become separated from the envelope, the prison will still be able to get it to the inmate. The same can be said for the U. Postal Mail. The mail will then be returned as "undeliverable. All information is provided by the member placing the profile or from a third party, such as a friend or family member of the inmate and is verified by WriteAPrisoner.

It is our policy that members disclose the reason for which they are incarcerated. This is a condition of membership.

how to write a letter on behalf of an inmate

However, the crime we place is generic and rarely includes all offenses. Its purpose is to give the viewer an idea of the main offense. For full disclosure, viewers are encouraged to visit to the Department of Corrections website using the link provided on each inmate's profile. There you will be able to see the inmate's record in its entirety. Not all Departments of Corrections have this information online, but more are becoming available all of the time. We will add these as they become available.

When they are ready, they may bring it up in correspondence, and that would be the time to discuss it. There is some confusion as to why we allow inmates the option to seek donations on WriteAPrisoner. We do not encourage you to send money to an inmate at any time. Many inmates are indigent, and we fully understand that they may ask people on the outside for money once correspondence is established.

When an inmate posts a profile on WriteAPrisoner. You, as a potential pen-pal, are provided full disclosure of this before you write.

Institutions provide all basic necessities to inmates e. In many cases, even educational programs and materials are free to inmates. Donating money is a decision that can only be made by you. Remember that you chose to write to an inmate, not sponsor one.

You are not obligated to send money, nor do most inmates ask for money.

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