Ndauwe Gogo, So my journey has been full of ups and downs la edlozini, having idlozi nesithunywa. Mina esami isithunywa ma sesiphakeme kakhulu I pray a lot and my spirit gets revived in a way that I can't explain. I have not been to a Zion church maybe I should consider going there one day. I pray using water and it's almost as if I can touch all the people that I am praying for sounds weird but it happens. I even see a beam of light inside my mind's eye. When this happens, I would dream of places and people that I have never met before.

Ndauwe Gogo, muhle umsebenzi wakho Amen Gogo How lovely! It can really open your eyes to things people never dream of. Enye into le!!!! I have been on my spiritual journey as well and I am currently being initiated into the pantheon of isithunywa, which has been a challenge to say the least.

I'm not a religious person since i was a young child I just never connected to church. Christianity and its gapping hole of blame and guilt have never been attractive to me. And as years progressed and I become more aware of how Christianity spread across the continent and what it erased it just left a bitter taste in my mouth. I'm thankful I found your blog that incorporates metaphysical lexicon and goes beyond "o ngwana wa Badimo" or "o tshwere ke moya".

Many of the sangomas who are highly classed are just preoccupied with making the calling "fashionable" or proving to people we are multi faceted which I don't mind; but it feels like we try to make things which aren't meant for popular consumption palatable. As someone who is struggling to connect initiators who don't totally understand that isithunywa is more than singing church hymns; you have reassured me that I am sane and not a lunatic for knowing this journey is open ended and diverse.

That Africans holiness didn't begin with the appearance of the bible, I've been reading more on kemetic orthodoxy I think it will resonate with you too I hope to contact you soon. Ke lebohile nkgono. Thokoza Umi Thank you so much for saying this. Really appreciate it. All I've done is to pass on a message that was shared with me by my guides.

However i am having difficulties with my family as they are christian and believe this is works of the devil. This series has made me realise that we're all connected in this world. I did not know these Eastern practises have any link to us as Africans. I'm not a healer or have a calling but it also angers me how everyone is claiming to be one these days and making our spirituality a joke.

Think people also forget that one can follow and practise ancestry reverance without necessarilly being isithunywa or isangoma with the help of these people ofc. Thokozan Smangele Yes Gogo please say that again They think spirituality is merely a means to make money and be relevant ube 'lit' in an 'look at me I'm an African'.

To me it's much more than that, it saved my life Your posts are always so enlightening to me. A part of me is so scared to acknowledge what I already feel in my heart.

Just last night I dreamt that I was in a taxi with ama zion and angisonti khona, when I looked around I was actually wearing a vest and ibhayi lezangoma. I'd really like for you to just take me under your wing. Thokoza gogo. Thokoza gogo my name is Sandy Corondimas. I have recently pothulad from isithunywa graduation.

I have vivid accurate dreams from my guides but i find it difficult to connect with clients during consultation.Knowing the sensitivity that comes with this subject, I was constantly praying that my questions are friendly. My uncle and aunt His wife are healers-I know right, how can a man who is a saNGOMA get married and then later in their marriage, the wife lands herself a calling too and had to heed it. She loves sharing her experiences and songs mostly-which is my favourite part about intwaso.

When I can, I ambush her and ask a shit load of questions and try to remember every word. In May I visited a place in Venda called Tshikwarani where my aunt was initiated, I was welcomed by these warmhearted old ladies who were fascinated by this city girl, so interested in learning so much about ubuNGOMA and for the first week I had to learn how to speak and understand TshiVenda.

The reason I went there was to get images of what goes on Ephehlweni, but unfortunately I documented sacred rituals that cannot be shared on social media platforms, and to me that was bummer because it meant I had to start from scratch in terms of getting new footage.

I believe everything starts in a dream whereby a person would get visions showing specific things relating to what they need to do, or signs that show that their ancestors require attention.

People who have ancestral spirits suffer almost from more or less the same symptoms; like blackouts, fainting during school and going into a trance. In their visions they would see images of people instructing them to perform certain rituals until they visit a traditional healer who would normally advise them to stop wasting resources and should undergo an intwaso Initiation. Many would wonder if Izangoma are capable of everything-are they Jack of all trades? There are many things they do but in the same breath, they know what they specialise in.

For instance, one healer would specialise in Cleansing, Healing and Initiation. Gogo Mahlalehlomile invited us to her home to share and educate us more about ubungoma, according to her she says some healers take their initiates to the river for 3 months to fulfill their specific spiritual calling. My very first patient was bewitched.

She dreamt eating human hair, and during the consultation process I managed to get the poison out and she was healed. Note that there shall be no Sangoma without the spirit, these two are inseparable. Idlozi communicates to your family, and to you as well through the healer. When you have idlozi, you realise the need to dress appropriately to appease the spirit. You should eat the food that assists with spiritual growth ukudlakwama Dlozi. There is a responsibility to respect human life and frequently perform rituals to appease the spirit.

As the spirit grows in you, it brings economic development to you. The purpose of being a traditional healer is to help others — not only for profit gain. However, because healers too need to earn a living, their patients pay. Ancestors should penalize them because of these immortal acts, people lose lives. Hence izaNgoma emphasize that amathwasa must respect nature and take care of it.

Ephehlweni is an initiation school located in a sacred place where aspiring traditional health practitioners are initiated.I just read about the ancestral signs and I have 5 of those, whats the next step?

What d I need to do? Please help. Hello Gogo, I have these symptoms, the first time, I woke in the night and saw a huge spirit spider floating in the air, coming towards me, as soon as it saw i was seeing it turned back and went out of my room, I physically see things of light, especially sea creatures, floating in my room, I dream dreams of bieng attacked and I fly away and sometimes I'm bieng pulled down by some force. I believe that a member of my family tried to steal my spirit thwebula;i was reciting davids paslm 23 from the bible, for no apparent reason, my body vibrating, and something felt like it was coming out of my forehead, but everytime it was coming out something was blocking itbut a week before this happened, i felt my brain literally expand,i was thinking and reading faster, i hardly slept, i was full of joy and love and in tune with nature, my whole body became flexible.

My mother sent me to ixhwele, when I arrived the initiates there where staring at me like they where sensing something from me and they washed me with mutis that where suppose to be painful, but i didn't feel a thing. I have a lot of intuition, at one point I felt like covering mirrors in my house, and held in my hands my iminqayi sticks, from when I was initiated to become a man, I drank some water and felt a lot of energy this was happening in the middle of the night all of a sudden I had a speaker in the streets saying theres a misssing child and his name is Zululiyazongoma so peole must come out, after a while when that speaker stopped i ran out of the house in the middle of the night, and my family mother and sisters was chasing after me, and as i was running south, the where a group of men holding sticks similar to mine and women, blocking me.

They chased me and held me down dragged me home. The story goes on about these strange events even after I was admitted to a mental institution, where some patients where reffering to me as uZulu and uManzini of the water. Can you explain to me the meaning of these events, am I suppose to answer a calling.

Thank you gogo for your reply, I also never accepted that I'm mentally ill, even now I'm not on any medication and I feel fine. I dreamed once of impepho, and i use in now, to rid of negetive ernegy, i often dream of traditional herbs, I think myabe I have to cleanse myself some how. I no longer attend church or any religious gathering, for when I hear the songs or preaching, I get these vibrations that go through my body, plus I have a lot of questions about the judeo-christian faith, although I believe in a creator.

If you may, I would like you to differentiate for me between an Ighira or Sangoma and Isanuse which I think is an eclectic deviner.

Camagu Gogo. Thokoza Gogo What does it mean if one dreams of snakes, with different colors? The head is green and the body is yellow. Fewer months back i had a dream and bengi phakathi emanzini. I have terrible headache too and it never stops. Im short tempered and dont like who i have become. Ntshaveleni this two gifts differ, u need to have a gift of being a prophet in order to be one, if u have a gift of being a sangoma or spiritual healer u cant swap.

My friend whos also a sangoma told me that I should accept the gift that my ancestor gave me or else I will loose everything i have and they have protected me through maany car accident happened to me and she told me about the beads I shld be wearing.

At st john was told was going locked in jail for good because of iyelekenqe. Thokoza Gogo I have more then 10 signs on your blog plus I have had many dreams from a young age of me fighting spiritually in my dreams, during that I would get rapid heart beating, body temperature etc, then late last I dream of my deceased grandma giving me ihiya ibayi the one with red, blue, yellow and white written "swati" then later when my parents were doing imbeleko for me i was told in my dreams that they my mother and my father my put on injita the red on me on that day when the goat was about to be slaughtered- when my goat got home It was fighting with every1 but only listened to me in my head I was told that its name is Dabulidlozithen after imbeleko tigers 3 and a lion 1 appeared in my dreams while I was near a waterfall with my mother,then this other time I was looking for something to where in my wallcouped I kept on seeing ihiya red with a tiger on I tried touching it but it wasn't there like a vision alot happened.

I need some knowledge and explain for these stuff what can i do. Dumela gogo. Don't know what to do and am ready for ukuthwasa.

Good day gogo Thokoza Gogo, I've been dreaming of vivid dreams of my family and close friends and the dreams always come true. I have an occurring dream where I'm sitting under deep water but I can breathe and feel free, this dream has been happening since I was I have a very short temper and almost all the listed above.

I naturally can't take orders from the management at work because of this feeling in me that i can't bow down to anyone. Everywhere I go i always have a presence where i walk in a room everyone will stare.

Sometimes i will see things in people's eyes when talking to them I know I have a calling but don't know how to go about itGood day,Uma ulishaya do you speak to your ancestors if so,uthini? Lolu khamba uyageza ngalo,do you purge or? Thank you. Nginamaphupho amaningi,futhi wonke ayenzeka njengoba ngiwaphuphile ,ngitsheliwe kaningi ukuthi nginesithunywa kumele ngisebenze abantu kepha angazi ngenze kanjani.

Sanibona Mina ngicela ukubuza ukuthi ubona ngani kuthi kufanele udle oblong. Ukubhodla okungapheli,ukugcwala umoya esiswini,angikhulumike uma seliziphumela igwebu abantu bakho basuke sebephezulu sebelifuna ngempela. Thokozani omkhulu nabogogo, ngicela usizo Nami kini ngiyafisa Makhulu, mina ngiphiwe konke ukuba umngoma uprofeti but into zami azihambi kahlengahamba ngayothwasa ngashiya ngoba bekuya, nabo bathi Mina angithwasiswa so yikho ngashiyaso bengicla advice nje ukuthi ngiyenze njani ngoba angisa phuphi angisayiboni indlelaabanye abafuna akungithathela isiphiwe bengicela ma ukukhona ofisa ukungibonisa ukuthi ngizikhuphulewhatsppp number Ngiyabonga ngegobonga zokuphakamisa isithunywa, isikalo singakanani?

Red wine you pour the whole bottle? Please advise ngama measurements. Amen Nami ngingomunye imali kobubili ubungoma nesithunywa, kanjalo nami ngiveviki legibili ngibuyile ephehlweni, kuvela ukuthi angiphathwangiphume ngihambengihambile ke kodwa kumnyama nje akufani nanoma bengingena ephehlweni.

Please assist I started fainting when I was a child at school. But of late I started not to sleep at night after a month it felt like there's something stringing me on my neck. My life has changed been in an out from hospitals. Someday I'm dizzy some day my knees are sore and some my feet and always feel bloated plz help.

Post a Comment. Igobongo Lokukhuphula Isthunywa. July 12, Ukukhuphula isthunywa differs for each individual and their isithunywa.

For some its just a matter of consistent fasting and prayer and a few offerings amaladi and isithunywa is appeased and ready to work. However some are not so lucky We need to understand that izithunywa and amadlozi mature at different speeds and levels hence for some it is an absolute necessity to have igobongo lesthunywa to assist in the process of of ukukhuphula isithunywa. So this post is for those individuals who need ukukhuphula isithunywa.

Iphamba elimhlophe 2. Isiwasho esigreen 3. Isiwasho esipurple 4. Vuka 5.


Isiwasho esiblue 6. Isiwasho esibomvu 7. Phakama eligreen 8. Amanzi amhlophe umuthi 9. Inhlanhla emhlophe Isiwasho esipink Isiwasho esiyellow Amanzi omfula Isthundu elimhlophe Isiwasho samandiya or umlotha wamandiya Posted in Articles 0 Comments. Reason being that it has never been something taken as a special gift to those who happen to be the victims of it. Ukuthwasa and to be possessed by idlozi has been taken as something evil by its own people and even those who happened to be possessed have tried in many ways to escape from it by denying it.

Ukuthwasa is not something new, it has been there even during the times of our forefathers, the only difference now being that in the olden days or primitive times, it was more respected and was also properly done than it is happening today. Idlozi is an ithongo which possesses someone, and because it has now acted in this manner it gets called idlozi. Most of the African Healers have misunderstood this. Besides this a person when at a particular age which is determined by the ancestors themselveswill start seeing some images in her sleeping, sometimes experiences some dreams, which might be like: snakes, big river with clear water, sometimes will see people wearing an African attire, especially that of the Healers and so on.

Other people get sick and become thin others too fat, which is really abnormal, and others suffers from certain deceases. There will be many misfortunes at home if the person is refusing and not responding to the calling — to an extent that they can even bring bad luck to the whole family.

When such symptoms are seen, there is nothing the family can do until the idlozi itself shows you where to go and be initiated. It is IsiNguni and Isindawe. UMnono is not that well and much known in the Kwa-Zulu area hence it has become a huge problem for the African Healers in the area. They are the only people who clearly know and understand it.

The UMnono takes much longer time than the other IsiNguni s pirits to mature. It can take between 10 — 15 years because it does everything on its own and one must be a good reader of the dreams and images as they operate through you.

isithunywa calling

Indiki is another confusing term. It is completely different from Umndiki which is an ancestral spirit. Once consulted an African Healer uhlanyaand identify what it is and what needs to be done, sickness can come to stop immediately.

Isithunywa comes in many forms. There is isithunywa that operates through herbs — impandethe other operates through water, the other through, a prayer all depending on what the gift is. There are those who even mix both the prayer and the herbs- impande.

There are people who heal through praying, others through water, others through herbs; it all depends on the type of isithunya that has possessed you.Thokoza Gogo I feel like you have written this entry just for me. I came across it on the very same day it was posted and I keep coming back to it.

isithunywa calling

My life has turned upside down in a space of 11 months,lost my job,I was having dreams and hearing drums that has stopped ,I was told I have a calling and have umndau causing mayhem in my life. My problem is ngiyaphahla and I don't get any recourse it's just quiet,I'm so broke I can't even go and consult.

isithunywa calling

I'm so exhausted mentally. Please can we chat via email if possible nobuhlenkhoma gmail. I am sorry to hear about all the havoc your awakening is causing in your life. Its never easy being reborn into your truest self.

If you are not having any luck reaching them on your own Apologies for not responding earlier but I have emailed you a response to your comments. Sanibona nginenkinga lapha ngikhulelwe futhi nginabantu abadala mangiyohlola umntwana Ku scan odoctor bafike bathi ababoni Mntwana kodwa mangiyohlola ngesintu bathi abantu abadala abacashisa ingane kabe kuyenzek yini lokho.

Thokoza Gogo This is insightful. Thank you. Now that I know I am not crazy - ngiyacabanga konke loku engikufunde kule article, ngizokusebenzisa to open my eyes and ears to the direction yabo Gogo. Thokoza Gogo May i get your email address please?

Thokoza Gogo This blog doesn't give justice to what your articles are about. You just spoke a language and terminology that most us understand and are already practicing but never understood that everything spiritual is interconnected and intwaso shouldn't be feared nor looked down upon. Mina just found out about this entire world two weeks ago because my life is at a stand still.

Gernerational curses have lead me here to this humble place. But I've known that my chakras were very much blocked and not having a spiritual guide hasn't helped me much with my meditation and unblocking it all. But you have touched on a feared subject from the black community in a very modernised manner. We truly need literature on intwaso I wish I could just be your student and record alles.

We honestly deserve people like you Gogo who not afraid, irritated or closed minded to link the spiritual world as one.I recommend Nordic Visitor to all friends and colleagues interested in traveling to supported countries. Excellent communication with our advisor. All the documents were very professionally produced and extremely helpful in providing us with the best advice regarding routes and attractions.

Generally a seamless experience. I would highly recommend Nordic Visitor for those planning self drive tours in Iceland. This trip was above and beyond. I'm not used to being on a guided tour, but I was pleasantly surprised. The next trip I do, I would probably prefer a private tour, but either way this trip to Iceland was amazing.

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The gps unit provided with the rental car was rather dated and difficult to use. We mainly just used it to be sure we were on the correct road - so it was valuable in that respect. Appreciated that the driver was there on time to pick us up from the airport (he also gave us helpful hints about driving in Iceland) as was the transport from Thrifty to take us to the car rental.

We booked this tour of Iceland as our honeymoon. Most people in the USA book tropical vacations, however we wanted something adventurous and more memorable.

isithunywa calling

Iceland and this trip exceeded our expectations in every way. The country is incredible and words cannot describe its beauty. We were so thankful for the maps and printed out information. This was the trip of a lifetime and if money permits, we'd LOVE to come back someday. The self-driving tour planned for us was everything I'd hoped, with a wonderful range of destinations and accommodations throughout.

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Amelia and myself really enjoyed the tour. I was very surprised that the tour was happening although there were only five of us. We really appreciate it very much that you made the tour happened as Amelia could not travel on other timings. Hotels were comfortable and meals were good. The tour itinerary met our expectation as we were introduced to what Iceland could offer as a whole. Our tour guide was knowledgeable and told us interesting stories. I have never heard of Iceland sagas before this trip.

He was so enthusiastic about the Northern Lights. I am so glad I saw it and he took a photo of us for our remembrance.

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