To avoid charge, we recommend returning your used cylinders within 7 days of receiving your order. Need to exchange in store? Stay safe and check out updated locations near you.

Want an extra cylinder? Purchase a spare here. Love the product. However, delivery took unprecedented amount of time. Love my soda stream, looking forward to easier replacement, of cartridges, once they get here!

SodaStream must receive the Exchange Cylinders no later than sixty 60 days after placement of this order. Please note that Exchange Cylinders must not be damaged or tampered with in any way.

sodastream refill adapter

Exchange Cylinders that are damaged or that were tampered with will not be accepted. Our Lineup. Fizzi Classic. One Touch Electric. Aqua Fizz Premium. Gas Exchange.

Sparkling Water Makers Fizzi classic. One Touch electric. Aqua Fizz premium. Gas Exchange Cylinders. New and improved gas exchange service Have empty 60L cylinders? Want your sparkle back? Order a refill and send back your empties with a prepaid UPS label.

Terms of service must be accepted. How does it work? Place your empty cylinders in the box, print your return label and apply to box. Drop off your packed empty cylinders at UPS pickup location. Title of Review. How was your overall experience using the item. Tell us a little about you:.

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sodastream refill adapter

Taste Bad. Over 40 million happy streamers.

Online Gas Exchange Service

Customer Reviews. Customer Photos.Just screw the SodaMod adapter onto the tank and insert it in the SodaStream just like you would with the standard tank.

There are no unsightly and bulky hoses to deal with. The SodaStream unit with the SodaMod SodaStream paintball adapter will look and perform the same as the stock SodaStream, while saving you time and money. The "lead free" brass is a much more expensive material than standard brass. It is also a much harder material, making it more difficult to machine. This adds considerable cost. But we find these added costs a worthwhile investment because of the added safety factor that this material provides.

Water and moisture often enter the SodaStream unit and then drip back into the drinking water. The Sodamod acts as a buffer between the tanks valve and your drinking water. This is the reason why we use "lead free" brass that is suitable for drinking faucets in the manufacturing of our product. The CO2 tanks can be filled at any of the following outlets:. Restaurant, bar, home brew or tavern supply houses.

sodastream refill adapter

Is there such a thing as beverage quality CO2? All CO2 that is available to purchase is the same thing with the exception of medical grade CO2 you will only find this at a medical supply house and you do not want to use it. The rest of the CO2 on the market is used for a variety of purposes, but the main one is for restaurants and bars.

The term "beverage grade" or "food grade" is a marketing term used by Sodastream to sell you CO2. My sodawater is not as fizzy as was with the original SodaStream carbonator.

Please adjust your Sodamod. You can screw the adjustment screw in slightly further to increase the flow of the CO2 and increase the strength of the carbonation.

Save money, save time. Buy additional tanks and have them filled in advance to save even more time and money. Please note that you will need a paintball CO2 tank to use this product. We have these available separately or as combo packages on this website.

The CO2 tanks can be filled at any of the following outlets: Sporting goods stores such as Dick's, Sports Authority, Academy, Sports Chalet Paintball stores Restaurant, bar, home brew or tavern supply houses Is there such a thing as beverage quality CO2?

Related Items. SodaMod Cuisinart Adapter. Basic good. Reviewer: john a rainey from salado, TX United States. Easy to use. SodaMod adapter for the Sodastream. As described. View All Customer Reviews.We drink a lot of carbonated water in my household.

Enough, in fact, that we've owned a trusty SodaStream Fountain Jet the company's entry-level carbonator for years. Even with the sunk costs of the machine itself and the purchase of a pair of tanks, we know it paid for itself long ago. The per-bottle cost is roughly 25 cents per liter of carbonated water.

It's much cheaper than supermarket seltzer, and it involves less worry about the environmental costs of making plastic and glass bottles and shipping them around the world.

I like that. Technically, you're really paying for grams of CO2, part of the very air you've been breathing for free all of your life. It's at the heart of the company's profit model. During that time, I wrote about different carbonators and carbonated drinks which brought me to some of the less-traveled corners of the Internet.

One item that kept popping up was an adapter you can stick on a paintball canister, allowing you to plug the whole thing into a SodaStream machine. Some cocktail-napkin math revealed that the price per liter with this setup is about a quarter of the price of the all-SodaStream option. I became interested in a hurry. I set some parameters for how I wanted this to work, notably including that I wanted it all to fit inside the existing SodaStream or, perhaps better, the DrinkMatewhich uses SodaStream canisters housing—no tubing spiraling out of the back, no nearby external tank.

I wanted definite savings. I wanted it to be as easy as exchanging the SodaStream canisters and call on nothing more than what a friend calls "Ikea skills" to put it together.

I did not want to build my own carbonation rig. I was willing to root around to figure out how it all works and which parts to buy, surprisingly time-consuming knowledge which I've laid out at the bottom of this story, clear as a bell, for you, dear reader. As long as you've got those Ikea skills, have the time to call around your neighborhood to figure out who will refill the tanks, and regularly drink soda water, this is the money-saving way to fly.

You'll need to do two things to get set up: order the hardware, and call around to figure out where to get the tanks refilled. The only snafu I ran into was finding a place near me to refill the tanks. The closest sporting goods shop the first and easiest place you should try was a minute drive away.

A paintball shop was half an hour away. Get clever, however, and you'll eventually find something—a welding shop, a dive shop, a home-brew store, a nice guy at the local Airgas who knows where you should go. For the tanks, buy SodaMod's. They're made to be used with a carbonator, so they've been scoured clean.

I'd considered buying Amazon's top-selling "regular" tank, then taking it apart and scrubbing it out with a toothbrush, but the SodaMod tanks are only a few dollars more.

Buy two or three and you'll be set for months at a time. They both have a tiny adjustable set screw which might need some quick tweaking see the mark to get the air flowing.

In my testing, the Interstate Pneumatics needed no adjustment, and the SodaMod needed a minute of easy fussing with it to get it going.

In short, all three adapters work just fine. In this era of knockoffs, it's worth raising a bit of a caveat here.Free UK Shipping. Same Day Dispatch. Free Returns. Lifetime Support. B: Shutoff valve. C: Emergency pressure cap do not unscrew or adjust. D: Pressure gauge. E: SodaStream isolation valve knob.

F: Outlet SodaStream cylinder screws into here. Cylinder Preparation Donor Cylinder Try to determine whether your donor cylinder uses a 'dip tube' inside. If your cylinder has a dip tube then it may be used in its normal orientation as liquid CO2 will be expelled from the cylinder. If your cylinder does not have a dip tube, then you may need to invert turn upside-down your donor cylinder so that liquid CO2 is expelled, rather than CO2 in its gaseous form.

Refilling will still be achieved with gaseous CO2, but the recipient cylinder may not achieve its full capacity. This is not essential, but it will ensure the cylinder is filled to full capacity. Freezing lowers the pressure inside the cylinder, which enables it to readily accept more CO2. Step 1 Check the weight of the empty SodaStream cylinder that is imprinted on the neck of the cylinder.

This is usually 0. Step 2 Check the weight of gas that the cylinder will hold. This is usually g for 60L cylinders. Tighten using a spanner or wrench do not hand-tighten. Step 2 Ensure the shutoff valve B on the adapter is closed by turning fully clockwise. Step 3 Turn the knob of the SodaStream isolation valve E fully anticlockwise.

This will retract the pin inside the adapter which ensures when the SodaStream cylinder is screwed in, it will not press the SodaStream valve to release the gas. Step 4 Screw the SodaStream adapter into the refill adapter body. The output of the SodaStream adapter may point in any direction, rather than vertically as shown, this is not a problem and will not affect refilling of the cylinder.

Step 5 Screw the SodaStream cylinder into the adapter. Tighten until the cylinder slips in your hand no need to use tools. The cylinder pressure will then be indicated on the pressure gauge. Step 7 Turn the knob of the SodaStream isolation valve E in a clockwise direction until it cannot be turned any further.

Step 8 Slowly turn the shutoff valve B anticlockwise, which will release the gas from the refill adapter. You will hear gas begin to enter the cylinder. The gauge will indicate the pressure between the donor and SodaStream cylinder.

As the SodaStream cylinder fills the pressure displayed on the gauge will increase. For SodaStream cylinders that are fitted with an anti-fill or 'booby-trap' mechanism it is recommended to only open valve B a small amount to allow gas to trickle into the SodaStream cylinder very slowly.

This will bypass the anti-fill mechanism on the SodaStream cylinder. Once you see the pressure on the gauge start to increase you can open the valve B further to refill faster. Step 9 Continue to refill until either the pressure indicated on the gauge reaches the pressure of the recipient cylinder or you can no longer hear gas being transferred.

Once refilling is complete, turn the shutoff valve B clockwise to shut off the CO2.If you drink a lot of carbonated water in your home, you will find that a SodaStream fountain will pay for itself and a pair of tanks quickly.

Since it costs about 25 cents per liter of carbonated water, it is a lot more affordable than seltzer from the supermarket. Plus, think about all the environmental costs that go into making glass and plastic bottles and then shipping them. While a SodaStream machine has a lot of great benefits, one drawback is the tank refills. Having to pay for CO2 can be annoying along with the tank exchange. Luckily there are adapters that can be used to attach regular CO2 tanks to your SodaStream machine.

SodaStream Adaptor Setup

You can save a significant portion of the costs of refilling your SodaStream machine by refilling your CO2 tanks at a homebrew store that provides cheap and food grade CO2. If you choose to use an adapter and a hose modification, you will need to buy a kit that includes the hose, adapter, and a pressure gauge along with a pound non-siphon CO2 tank. After that, simply drill an opening into the back of the SodaStream tower that is large enough to fit the smallest fitting in your line.

If needed use a chisel to make the hole larger and clean it up since sharp edge couple potentially cut your CO2 line. Next, just screw on the line on the SodaStream side and then thread it and the quick-attach fitting into the hole you made.

After putting your SodaStream back together, you can add the gauge, plastic washer, and fitting onto the CO2 tank by following the instructions that come with the adapter kit.

Now all you have to do it attach the line to the gauge, and you are finished. While the hose and tank are pretty visible in your kitchen, which not everyone cares for, it is a great money saver and saves you a lot of time from running to the store to swap out tanks. Check out the video below to see how one of these kits work.

Refill adapters work with a wide range of CO2 bottles. When you are saving money using a larger tank of paintball canister, the adapters are an important part of the modification. Typically, they feature all-metal construction that is durable and stable.

SodaMod Sodastream CO2 Refill Adapter

This CO2 cylinder refill connector is a handy accessory to have if you own a SodaStream machine. Easy to screw on, these adapters allow you to fill CO2 cartridges on your own by making it an extension of your SodaStream machine. Part of a cost-effective modification, using a refill adapter making exchanging out CO2 cylinders unnecessary and saves you money. You only need three things to make this modification. A connector, a SodaStream machine, and a CO2 tank. Plus, if you buy a pound tank, you get the equivalent of CO2 from 22 small internal tanks.

Keep in mind if you buy the largest tank you can afford, you will end up saving a lot of money in the long run. Once you have acquired all the parts, you can start to put them together. First, take off the top of the tank and place it upside down on the container allowing you to see the small threaded port where you would typically screw on the smaller canister. This should be a simple process that requires no physical modifications to your SodaStream device, which will void its warranty.

Lastly, take the end of the tank that has the pressure gauge and connect it to the CO2 tank. Do not forget to place the plastic washer in between the brass fitting and the tank to act as a seal in between these two metal pieces, which will prevent you from losing CO2. You can even install this modified device into your countertop so that the canister and hose are hidden.

Check out the video below to see how this modification works. Another way to save some money with your CO2 canisters is to use a paintball tank with your SodaStream machine.An easy and inexpensive way to fill your own Sodastream Cylinders at home at a fraction of the cost of getting the refills from your local store. Hose length: 50cm with reinforced spring cover. Please note:. We usually ship out your item in 1 bus i ness day except special situation. If you want to send by expedited shipping,please contac t with us,some countries need VAT number like India,Brazil if ship by expedited shipping.

Strand Shipping from China with tracking number. When you receive the goods, please inspect it immediately to see whether it matches the description of our offer. If something is unsatisfactory, please contact us to solve the problem. Most of the time, it is just a misunderstanding that we will be happy to correct or compensate you next time.

If you want to exchange the items received, you must contact us within 30 days of the receipt of your order. The items returned should be kept in their original status. Please contact with us at first before you leave us Neutral or Negative feedbac k,that mean you are not satisfying with our items or service,we will respond with solutions in 24 hours. Store Categories Store Categories. Product Description. Please note: 1.

The cylinder should be empty. Pre Cooled cartridges will get quite full. How it works:. Screw the adapter to a commercial CO2 gas cylinderScrew the adapter to a commercial CO2 gas cylinder. Open the valve of the large gas bottle. After about sec. Close valve of the large gas bottle. Unscrew the CO2 cartridge — done. Information of Filling the newer Co2 cylinder with filling protection valve 6mm wide valve pin.

Unlike the other cylinder valves, this valve must be filled with a slow increase in pressure. When refilling, it is important that the pressure in the first few seconds is very low, only the cylinder valve remains open. The handwheel is therefore open at the beginning only slightly and very slowly until some gas flows through this can heard.

Wait about 10 seconds and then turn the hand wheel slowly by hand half a turn further on. After another 10 seconds, the hand wheel can be turned all the way. Wait about 30 seconds until you hear no gas flows and turn the handwheel to back. After, filling is complete.Advanced Adapter for SodaStream Cylinders. Adapter for Disposable CO2 Cylinders. Reply from CO2 Supermarket Just to confirm to anyone reading this review; the adapter does not come with a seal and is checked before dispatch.

Delivery times from UK to European destinations usually take working days. Free UK Shipping. Same Day Dispatch. Free Returns. Lifetime Support. Adapter For SodaStream Cylinders. Update Cart. However, the design of the cylinder valve's thread does not conform to any industry standard thread gauges and therefore cannot be used directly with a regulator. You can obtain the cylinders from high-street shops, making it ideal for use in aquariums, homebrewing and other hobbies.

High quality, durable construction. Instructions Attach your regulator to the adapter using an appropriate wrench or spanner. The pin inside the adapter will depress the valve on the SodaStream cylinder to open the flow of gas. Continue to tighten the adapter to the cylinder until the cylinder slips in your hand.

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